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Watchung Cooperative Preschool

‚ÄčA community learning through play:

connecting parents, teachers & children

Discovery/Pre-K Curriculum Areas 

Art activities for this age group afford children a chance for choice, exploration, experimentation, and imaginative expression in a supportive atmosphere. Opportunities are provided to explore color, line, and form and to discover the effects of various media.

Language Arts activities follow a whole language approach along with instruction in phonics, enhancing the child's receptive and expressive language through finger plays, rhymes, songs, and discussions. This interactive, hands-on technique allows the children to more fully appreciate the activities they are learning about. Reading readiness is fostered through practice with letters, sounds, and whole word recognition.

Math Concepts are presented through the activities involving sorting, comparing, and ordering. Playful activities develop skill in rote counting, numerical recognition, sets, and 1-to-1 correspondence.

Music, movement, and dramatics experiences are used to help children develop language and pre-reading skills and encourage imagination and spontaneous play. Children gain skill in body control, rhythm, following directions, and group coordination.

Nutrition/foods experience helps children learn about group cooperation as well as math and science concepts such as weight, measures, and changes of matter from one form to another. Adhering to a recipe also helps develop an understanding of how to follow directions in sequence.

Social Studies for this age group gradually broadens a child's concept of the world by focusing on self, home, family, transportation, animals, and community.

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