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Watchung Cooperative Preschool

​A community learning through play:

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Enrichment Offerings

At the Co-op, we believe that learning happens in many different ways and so we are happy to offer our children special enrichment classes.  These classes offer children new experiences, the chance to explore new skills and the opportunity to learn using all the senses.   Plus they’re a whole lot of fun!

In addition to our music together curriculum, we offer yoga regularly. In recent years, the Co-op has also offered science, cooking and dance.


Sheri Peake, an instructor at Jaipure Yoga and D*Fit Montclair, leads the Co-op’s yoga enrichment classes. Miss Sheri’s empowering classes offer an age appropriate introduction to the world of yoga, positive affirmations, team building and community. 

Drawing from a variety of poses and using games, chants and music, Miss Sheri gently introduces children to the basic concepts of yoga. The children are free to explore different yoga poses in their own time and the sequences are often driven by the imagination of the children themselves; kids can be animals, dinosaurs, almost anything they can think of!  Breathing exercises are also approached creatively to ensure that every aspect of yoga is presented in a playful and engaging way.  Not only do our students get all of the physical benefits of yoga—the development of gross motor skills, flexibility, body awareness and strength—but they get to have lots of fun too.  Laugh, play, balance and breathe as Miss Sheri redefines “plugging in” and explores with her young students what it truly means to be connected.  

About Miss Sheri

Miss Sheri is a 500 hour Power Yoga Instructor holding additional certifications in both yin and children’s yoga. Her love of children and passion for planting early seeds for the healthy development of self has led her to her practice with children and inspired her to create “Little Hands Connected” in 2011, and “Connected Kids Yoga” in 2015.

Miss Sheri derives her greatest inspiration from her husband and two children, whom she credits with keeping her grounded, grateful and striving to be her personal best.