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Sick Child Policy 

We strive to provide a school environment that is as safe and healthful as possible. However, such a goal depends upon understanding, cooperation, and communication between home and school. By conscientiously adhering to the health guidelines below, the spread of illness and infection can be significantly diminished. 

On occasion, it may be necessary for a teacher to send a child home if the child’s condition warrants it; in this situation, the teacher would use the emergency contact information provided to contact a parent or other authorized person to pick the child up.

Please keep your child home if any of the following circumstances are present:
-  first stages of a cold, accompanied by runny nose, persistent cough, or sneezing
-  fever (elevated or a temperature of 101.5 degrees F or over with in the last 24 hours)
-  rash or coldsore (within the last 24 hours)
-  if you are waiting the results of a throat culture
-  severe pain or discomfort
-  acute diarrhea, characterized as twice the child’s usual frequency of bowel movements with a change to a looser        consistency within a period of 24 hours 
-  two or more episodes of acute vomiting within a period of 24 hours
-  sore throat or severe coughing
-  yellow eyes or jaundiced skin
-  red eyes with discharge
-  infected, untreated skin patches
-  difficult or rapid breathing
-  skin rashes, excluding diaper rash, lasting for more than one day
-  weeping/bleeding skin lesions not been treated by physician or nurse
-  swollen joints
-  visibly enlarged lymph nodes
-  stiff neck
-  blood in urine 

It is important that you notify your child’s teacher when your child has contracted a contagious disease.  For additional information on contagious diseases please refer to your parent handbook. It shall further be the policy of the Watchung Co-op to notify, in writing, each parent whose child may have been exposed to a contagious disease if such an outbreak should occur at school.

If your child will be absent, it is suggested that you notify the school before that day’s class begins.

School Closing/Delayed Opening/Early Closing Notification Policy

When Montclair public schools close for a snow day or other emergency reasons, the Co-op will also close for the day. However, at the discretion of the School Director and/or the Co-op’s Executive Board, the school may also close even if Montclair schools remain open. In the event of any schedule changes, the Co-op will also make every effort to notify families as follows:

The School Director will notify every family of school closure or delayed opening. Please do not call the teachers.

The School Director will send an email out to all families using the email address(es) of the parent(s)/(guardian(s) as provided on the Emergency Reference form from the enrollment packet. We ask that if inclement weather is expected, families be certain to check their emails for notification.

Each family should reply to the email as acknowledgement that it was received. Should a family fail to acknowledge the email by 8 a.m. on the morning of a school closure or delayed start, the School Director will attempt to contact the family by telephone. This is done to ensure that every family receives timely notification of a closure or delay.

In the event of a delayed opening for the Montclair public schools, all of the Co-op’s morning classes will begin at 10 a.m. and end at their regular times. Lunch will be held as usual. All afternoon classes will start at 12:30. Afternoon dismissal will be at the usual time. 

In the event an early dismissal is warranted once school is already in session for the day, families will be notified by telephone. Should the school be unable to reach a child’s parent or guardian, the backup contact persons listed on the child’s Emergency Reference Form in the enrollment packet will notified.