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Special Traditions at the Co-Op

Each year at the Co-op is marked by special events that bring our families together for some fun and extracurricular socializing.  These events, all of them Co-op traditions, help to build the bonds of community and friendship that are the hallmarks of Co-op life. 

Ice Pop Social – Every school year at the Co-op gets off to the sweetest start with our school-wide Family Ice Pop Social.  During this afternoon outing, we eat some ice pops, give our children a chance to run around and play and help ease the transition into the school year.  For new families to the Co-op, the ice pop social is the first chance to meet others from our school community and for children to meet their future classroom friends.  For returning families, the social is a chance to catch up after the summer and for children to say hello to their new teachers for the new school year.

Halloween Celebration – Trick or treat! Kids come in costume and parents are invited in to hand out treats, take photos, maybe join in a song or two and celebrate the cuteness of it all! 

Fall Fiesta/Thanksgiving Feast – Our two classes celebrate Thanksgiving in slightly different styles.  Parents and children in our Creative class come together to share a more traditional thanksgiving meal, with turkey, cornbread, cranberries, applesauce and many of the other fixings.  In our DPK class, each family brings in a food to share that represents that family’s heritage or a special family tradition.  Either way, it’s a chance for parents and children to sit down together, share a meal and harvest some memories.

Holiday Party – Put on your party clothes and join the entire Co-op community in kicking off the December holiday season at our annual Holiday Party.  We decorate our classrooms to make them extra festive and families contribute to a pot-luck spread of delicious foods.  There are crafts and other special activities for the kids and the entire event culminates in a school-wide sing along (jingle bells included!)

Winter Solstice Celebration – The winter solstice may be the shortest day of the year, but since it also marks the turning point when the days slowly begin to get longer, our DPK class celebrates this day by welcoming the light.  Parents are invited to share in this short, but sweet celebration where we light ‘candles,’ read the children’s special solstice wishes aloud and hear stories about the winter season and the eventual coming of spring.

Pizza Party – A perennial favorite among the Co-op set, the pizza party is the perfect cure to those mid-winter blues!  The whole Co-op community comes together for this special Saturday event.  Along with more pizza than you can imagine, the Co-op’s pizza party typically features special entertainment—maybe music, maybe science, maybe magic—plus kids have a chance to play with friends from all our Co-op classes.

Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast – Do you like green eggs and ham??  Try them, try them and you may!  At our annual celebration of this classic Dr. Seuss book, parents and children alike get to sample this literary delicacy and then form their own opinions.   This most verdant of breakfasts comes as part of a weeklong series of activities to celebrate the great children’s author’s birthday.  We conclude our meal with a spirited reading of this rousingly persuasive book.  

Bedtime Story Hour – Families take a night off from the usual routine and instead, put the kids in their pajamas and join us at school for a family pot-luck dinner.  Then we gather on the carpet for stories specially selected and read aloud by our Co-op teachers.  By the time folks get back home, the kids have been fed, books have been read and everyone is all ready for bed.  (PJs for adults are optional!)

Mother’s Day Tea – Moms and other caregivers get pampered for a morning and are treated to a lovely breakfast, compliments of the Co-op.  Children even do the serving.  There are other special touches too.  In our Creative class, moms revel in the specials songs that the children sing to them and they leave with a special present.  In our DPK class, it’s always fun to see the portraits kids create of their moms and it’s usually funny to read what they have to say about mom too!  Plus, every mom gets a gift, specially selected based upon what her child has to say about her.  

Father’s Day Breakfast/Doughnuts for Dads – Dads and other caregivers also get a day of recognition at the Co-op’s special pre-Fathers Day celebration.  In our Creative class dads enjoy scrumptious doughnuts and coffee while kids sing them songs.  In DPK, kids serve dad breakfast and present them with special portraits and a new ‘tie.’ Plus, the morning is a nice chance for dads to come together… after all, they need a chance to bond too!  

DPK Celebration – It’s been a great year and we mark it with this heartwarming Co-op event.  Some of our friends will be returning for another year of DPK while others will be moving on to kindergarten, but we celebrate everyone!  Children sing welcome songs, act out a favorite story and then may do a group activity or two in keeping with their skit.  The event wraps up as the children release confetti from shakers they’ve made, which also contain their DPK certificate of completion.  

End of Year Picnic – Time to say goodbye for the summer!  Classes may be over but we wrap up the year in typical Co-op fashion: as a community.  We celebrate with a pot-luck picnic and plenty of outdoor games and play for everyone.  It makes this unofficial last day of school a fun day to remember and gives parents, teachers and children a chance to get in one more celebration together before saying ‘so long’ until September.