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Watchung Cooperative Preschool

​A community learning through play:

connecting parents, teachers & children

The opportunity to share in your child’s first school experience is one of the joys of parenting.  Little ones aren’t little for that long and Co-op parents have relished the chance to be involved in this precious experience.  

At the Co-op, we know that parents are their children’s first teachers so we welcome parents into our classrooms wholeheartedly.  It is this defining feature – our school’s cooperative character—that makes the Watchung Co-op so special.

Being able to share in this important “first” with your child, offers so many benefits. Your presence in the classroom helps to ease separation anxieties and will help your child to make a more gradual transition from a home-centered to a school-centered life.

Time spent in the classroom also gives you a natural opportunity to observe your child at school. You’ll observe what and how your child is learning, and you’ll see first-hand how your child interacts with other children and adults. Working side-by-side with the Co-op's experienced staff gives you insight into child development and will enrich your perspective as a parent. 

And for families new to the area, the Co-op is an instant community!  While our children are forming bonds with each other over the sandbox and the water table, our parents also have lots of opportunities to get to know each other.  So if someone needs a tip about where to shop or which mommy-and-me class to take or where to get the best kids’ haircuts or which restaurants have the healthiest, most kid-friendly foods, there’s always someone nearby to ask.  

Why a Co-Op?

Our Philosophy & Approach